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Issue #1, September 2023

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Congratulations! You made it to Public School Poetry. In our first issue, eight superfine poets share work about desire, death, running, friendship, queerness, teaching, wildfire, the ocean, and Norse mythology with you. And, if that wasn’t enough, they also fearlessly agreed to write a “five paragraph essay” on another contributor’s poems that we, the Public School Poetry Vice Principals, randomly and anonymously assigned them.


We’re interested in the possibilities that come from meeting new people and sitting with their words. And we’re interested in how we might talk about poetry, and the craft of it, in a more immediate, less careerist way. As far as we know, no other journal has ever attempted such an exchange, and, in this issue, these poets have gifted us a new kind of experience.


We’re all learning. We’re all making introductions. Welcome to the club.

Photo by Jennifer Metsker


jason b. crawford 

Sofia says their main concern with the ocean is not about drowning

i buy mums for myself at trader joe’s and

because of this, i am late for the train.

love poem (6/x)

Not A Love Poem (3/x)

           Five-Paragraph Essay by Gavin Yuan Gao


Sean Thomas Dougherty

This quiet, the kind you find when reading

Reading Poetry

A Styrofoam Cup

The Box

Tonight, I will write

           Five-Paragraph Essay by Rachel Richardson

Carlina Duan

Bzz Bzz I Am Tired

I Didn't Want To Write A Poem

Sonnet For My Bad Knee

           Five-Paragraph Essay by Sean Thomas Dougherty

Gavin Yuan Gao

The Rivers Let Me Go Where I Wanted




           Five-Paragraph Essay by Steven Leyva

Jade Lascelles


A woman goes for a run

          Five-Paragraph Essay by Carlina Duan

Steven Leyva

Paradise Island

Playing Heimdall

Self-Portrait in a Hand-Me-Down Shirt

The Beauty of the Scrapyard

           Five-Paragraph Essay by Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

Rachel Richardson

Smoke Cento


Lightning Complex


           Five-Paragraph Essays by jason b. crawford

Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

Moon in the Mouth

Halloween at the Phoenix House Co-op

Were Granny to Speak

           Five-Paragraph Essay by Jade Lascelles


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