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Welcome to Public School. We’re glad you’re here.



Public School Poetry was created by a group of poets educated through the public school system. We
hope this online journal embodies the
strangeness of public school and the colliding desires to learn,
break rules, skip class, get go
od grades, see what others are doing, and create new and better spaces. While this journal invokes Public School tropes, we do not publish school-specific poems from student-specific contributors. Our contributors come from everywhere and write from their own spot on this world which we share.

This journal is a leap of faith and an ongoing experiment. Each contributor to Public School Poetry
agrees to write “a five-paragraph essay,” on another contributor’s poems that we randomly and
anonymously assign them. Poems and essays appear together in each issue.

We believe politics cannot be separated from experience. We deeply believe in pluralism and tearing
down hierarchies. We believe in pizza Fridays, and recess, and sharing space. We believe poems create
conversations, that conversations create poems, and that famous and non-famous
folk should have
them together.

We'll be reading for our fall "Back to School" issue from May 1st-June 1st. Go to our "How to Enroll" Page to submit!.

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